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Personal Branding Photography

Personal Branding Photography

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Your personal brand is all about YOU!

And as a small business owner or entrepreneur, you need to show the best version of you to the world. Not only should your self-imagery reveal the true essence of you in the best light but it should also showcase your personality and reveal discreetly what makes you tick. 

Defining who you are

Your audience, whether it be clients, buyers or others that you network with, will relate to you in a far more powerful way if they feel a personal connection and this is where professional brand photography comes into its own. When you book a personal brand photoshoot with me, I will get to know you and what you are about as well as what your business involves. Together we will then work on defining who you are and what you want to tell the world. I will then use photography to do this, ensuring that you are the key to your very own personal brand.

Connect personally with your viewers

I will market you via a series of stunning shots that will convey a chosen image of you, controlling how those on the outside looking in perceive you. Why take the chance of letting your would-be clients and suppliers take away the wrong persona of who you are when with a picture you can paint a thousand words? As human beings, we respond far more quickly to images than we do to text and by presenting yourself in a certain way, you can make a personal connection with viewers and create the right sort of relationship from day one.

Marketing your personal brand

From then on, you can be sure that you are getting your business liaisons off on the right foot and can begin to grow your company from a base that you have determined. You can use your brand images on your website, social media and even on marketing material.

Get in touch with me today to find out how my Personal Branding Photography service can make a world of difference to how people looking in perceive you; make sure that they see the real you every time.

The Personal Branding Session

Before our session you will receive a questionnaire so I can know more about you and your brand. I want to connect with the real you  and understand  what you want to show your audience so you can truly stand out!  Our Personal Branding Photography Session lasts 2 hours. We are going to shoot indoors (your office, home office, work space, house) and Outdoors, (parks, cafes, street, garden). I highly recommend that you have a professional make up and hair styles to suit your individual image.

I need this! How can we make it happen?

If you love the idea of showing your best version to the world, if you want to truly connect with your audience, clients or buyers and stand out from the crowd, let me help you! Let's create something fabulous together! Book you Personal Branding Photography Session! 


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About Juliana

My Story

I learnt photography 18 years ago using a film camera ( and I still use it in my work!! :) I also have a degree in video and TV production. I've been shooting family portraits and weddings around the world for the last 10 years.

I'm originally from Brazil and I've lived in Australia, Spain,  England and China. I loooove to travel! -- I have been to more than 20 countries, speak 3 languages (and counting). I got married in Mexico to my American husband. I am a proud mum of my twin boy and girl. 

Why Personal Branding Photography

When a few friends and clients started to ask me if I could do their "head-shots", something changed on my photography path. I wanted to do something different, I wanted to show their passion, talent and gifts in a different way. I want more than just head-shots. I want head-shots with a soul. I want to use my gift and skills to empower women through my lenses not only to show their beauty but their true selves.  It's my mission to help entrepreneur women to shine and to connect with their audience showing  with confidence what they are capable of achieving.



Dina Maktabi - Kensington Mums

"I have known Juliana for some time, and love how she captures my real self in my branding photography session I recently did with her for Kensington Mums. What I appreciate in her photography style is how comfortable she makes me feel and how at ease I am during the photo shoot session. She truly captures by branding, views and ethics spot on! "

Paloma Bonder - CEO

"I was lucky enough to get photographed by Juliana for business and press profile pictures with excellent results.
As a business woman, I’ve always been more the “behind the scenes” type so I was shy and wanted to get the pics done ASAP. Juliana managed to make me be at ease and end up enjoy the session. Honestly she has been able to capture my essence, show my personality and make me look good all at once! I’ve never had so many pictures where I feel I look so good and natural.
Thanks Juliana it’s been a great experience and will use your services anytime I need to get in front of the camera again!!"

Paulina Kapciak - New Generation Parenting

"I had the pleasure of working with Juliana as part of my branding strategy for launching my online membership community. She has went above and beyond during the whole process in so many ways- from things like meeting me at a location and time that was convenient to me, to really making sure we capture my brand and energy using the right setting and colours. The pictures themselves have exceeded my expectations! I am totally in love with them. Not to mention Juliana is such an incredibly warm and kind person, who really helps you feel at ease and shine with confidence in your pictures. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better experience!"


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